A brief Advent Calendar History

advent calendar.... Defiantly doing advent calendar and found great ideas on here but love the tree with shelves to hold the presents/directions/treat

To know that Christmas is coming, you don’t have to use an Advent calendar, but opening a little numbered door to reveal a price is an idea everybody can get behind, religious or not. This is a brief Advent calendar history with some non-traditional styles of this popular tradition.

What is Advent? What is an adventure?
Advent is the span of four weeks from St. Andrés the apostle’s holiday on Sunday, 30 November, to the next three Sundays. Historians agree that since the 4th century, Advent, derived from the Latin word for the arrival, has been celebrated. The period was originally a period in which converts had to prepare for baptism in Christianity, but is now associated more frequently in anticipation of Jesus’ birthday on 25 December.

Usually, Advent calendars do not adopt the Advent cycle mentioned above. Instead, continue the 24 days before Christmas the first of December. The majority of Advent Calendars today include doors on paper that are open for a picture, bible verse, or chocolate piece. The tradition dates from the mid-19th century when German Protestants made door marks or lit candles for their Christmas days.

The manufacturer of the first printed Advent calendar in the early 1900s is widely regarded by Gerhard Lang.

At the same time, an Advent calendar insert was included as a gift to readers in a German newspaper. Lang’s calendar has been inspired by a calendar created for him by his mother and put 24 fun images on the piece of carton. Lang has modified his calendars to include the small portals that are today a staple of most advent calendars. During World War II production ceased because of the carton shortage, but shortly afterward resumed, with Richard Sellmer the leading maker of commercial advent calendars.

advent calendar… Defiantly doing the advent calendar and found great ideas on here but love the tree with shelves to hold the presents/directions/treat is creative inspiration for us. Get more photos about related by looking at the photos gallery at the bottom of this page.
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